Back 2 Skool.

Goodbye summer and hello junior year! I can’t believe I’m starting the second half of my undergraduate career in two days. It’s insane how fast the last two years have flown by.

I’ve started a new thing where I’ll be tweeting my meals with the hashtag #missbakereats____ (insert ‘breakfast,’ ‘snack,’ ‘lunch,’ or ‘dinner’). So for example, my breakfast hashtag is #missbakereatsbreakfast. Follow me @msemilychau if you’d like! If not, I’ll be posting my meals collectively here on my blog. I won’t have recipes for every meal I put together since it’s usually very simple, however, new dishes I whip up will sure have recipes and/or a general direction on how to make them yourself! I’m excited for this new blog style (?) since I have found in the past year that posting full blog entries took up a lot of my free time and I was beginning to feel stressed out not being able to blog consistently. I ended up taking a “leave of absence” from WordPress until I could figure out how to run this blog well and with a clear mind. This year I’m focusing on my entire well being, including my physical and mental health.


#missbakereatsbreakfast: First breakfast in the new apartment! I had Chobani yogurt topped with sliced bananas, diced apples, and a spoonful of almond butter with a sprinkle of sliced almonds for some crunch. This breakfast is very simple and easy to prepare. You can swap out the yogurt for any brand/flavor, though I recommend a plain yogurt to avoid the added sugars from flavored yogurt. You can used any kind of fruit topping, such as berries or raisins. Rinsing some frozen berries can make for a nice bite to your morning yogurt. A spoonful of any nut butter provides flavor, healthy fats, and protein to give you an extra boost of energy to get you through the morning.


#missbakereatslunch: I know I know. I broke some unspoken rule about using the butt-end of the loaf for my sandwich. But I like the crust! And as a broke college student, I can’t afford to waste any food. Plus, you get another sandwich when you end up using the two ends. And surprise surprise, it tastes just as good as the regular slices. I had a turkey, provolone, and cucumber whole wheat sandwich with roasted pepper hummus. On the side, I had cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, and some more cucumbers. The goal per meal is to make half your plate vegetables and/or fruit to make sure you get your daily servings of fiber, vitamins, and minerals you can only get from eating your veggies!


#missbakereatsdinner: So I cheated for dinner and went out to Otto’s pizza. I love their mashed potatoes, bacon, and scallion pizza. Whoever thought to put mashed potatoes on pizza is a GENIUS.

That’s it for now folks! I will be posting a “guide to grocery shopping while on a college budget” soon. This is something I’ve been meaning to write for a while now and after a year of experimenting, I think I have figured out a way to get the most for less that will last you for a while.

Happy eatings and as always, go cook yourself.


Lentil Orzo Soup

Soup is a great comfort food and incredibly versatile. You make make soup with just about anything you have in your kitchen. Today’s soup featured lentils and orzo as the main stars of the dish. Continue reading


I have been craving pizza for a while now but I never got around to actually getting some. Last night I saw that yesterday was National Pizza Day and I thought, “Damn, I really need some pizza now.” Unfortunately, I didn’t have any spare cash to splurge nor did I want to order pizza with the snow outside. Apparently Boston has accumulated 6 feet of snow in the last two weeks. Yikes. Continue reading

You know what goes great with muffins?

IMG_0999Three feet of impending doom. I’m currently hiding under a blanket clacking away on my keyboard and marathoning ‘Friends’ while
checking outside my window every now and again to see how much snow we have accumulated so far. Continue reading

Overnight Oats.


I have seen so many people making overnight oats so I thought I would give it a try. And it’s probably one of the easiest and more nutritious breakfasts I’ve had in a while, considering all I’ve been eating at home were Eggo waffles and the much missed French Toast Crunch. Praise the 90s gods for the return of this almighty cereal.

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New Year’s Resolutions.


New Year’s celebrations with the best friend (left) and the sister (right). They were actually squashing me (center).

Hello hello hello! As we welcome the new year with resolutions to eat less junk food and be a better overall human being, I decided it was my turn to share my new year’s resolutions. Yes, I know I am like three weeks late but better late than never, AMIRITE? *crowd boos* Okay, I deserve that.

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